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E-NAB-ling Young People: A Helping Hand from NAB

We at Kids Like Us would like to take this opportunity to thank the Helping Hand team at NAB for providing us with the gift of five Dell laptops. These laptops represent a valuable contribution to our students, who’ll be able to put these new resources to fantastic use.

Helping Hand is a volunteer-based program that focuses on extending the lifecycle of re-usable hardware assets by donating to charitable organisations and/or re-integrating them into communities in need.

This kind donation was facilitated through one of our KLU parents, Jodi, who directed us to the initiative – and we’d like to extend our thanks to her too!

We look forward to seeing the incredible achievements and creations that these machines will bring about, so keep an eye out to seem them in use around KLU!

With thanks again,

The KLU Team