About Us

Our purpose: At Kids Like Us, our purpose is to enable young people to have a voice. We work hard with young people, parents, members of staff and the legal system (when required) to ensure that these young people are able to make themselves heard and, just as importantly, that they are listened to.

Our vision: Our vision is that all 2e (twice-exceptional) students will be identified and supported in a learning environment for their individual requirements. Much of who we are and what we become as an organisation is shaped by the young people that we work with, constantly finding new and different ways to help them to get what they need.

Talking to these students is an interesting and insightful experience, and when asked what they want to see KLU achieve on their behalf, their answers are truly deep and meaningful – they want us to:

       • “teach teachers how to teach us”,

       • “help parents know how to support us”,

       • “tell the world that we exist”,

while also enjoying the opportunity to:

       • “have fun with others like us”

 Source: Kids Like Us Steering Group January 2013

Our mission: In all that we do, our mission is to promote and enable 2e young people to thrive in the world through best practice. These young people are dreamers, risk takers and potential entrepreneurs, all skills that deserve nurturing and affirmation. Through working with us, these young people gain a greater sense of self assurance, and are able to practice their skills in ways that will stand them in great stead in later life.

Our Values: We believe in supporting all 2e young people, and are committed to their development and enrichment. In working with them, we share four core values:

       • To respect

       • To empower

       • To exist in community

       • To be authentic

Who we are: Kids Like Us is an entrepreneurial community organisation providing support, opportunity and understanding for 2e young people. Through engagement with young people, families, educational providers and the wider community, we work to increase the awareness and acceptance of 2e profiles in young people.

What drives us: We believe in a young 2e person’s potential to positively change the world. Their potential is boundless, and we are committed to seeing this potential be recognised for what it is and realised in real world applications.

What we believe: We believe that self-knowledge enables a young person to be. Because of this, we work with young 2e people to develop their understanding of their skills and how to practice them, providing further assistance in areas that they recognise are less strong than others.

Acknowledgement of 2e: Kids Like Us and all the individuals who make up our organisation acknowledge that a twice-exceptional young person may present in many ways.  We accept that a twice-exceptional young person may display a high ability or gift in one or many areas of human domain, whilst also living with a challenge or disability that may be present in any area of human domain, with the exception of intellectual disability.

Inputs Outcomes Impact
Professional Staff

Trained volunteers

Education partners

Members of the community

Funding from the community and philanthropic partnerships

2e young people prosper and succeed.

Significant increase in academic engagement.

Increased number of potential entrepreneurs, risk takers, change makers and social innovators in society.

Reduction of mental illness in 2e adults.

Reduced burden on government and the tax payer.

Meeting the 2e and Community Needs: Kids Like Us activities are determined by the requirements of the young people we support. As such, Kids Like Us provides a dynamic and fluid environment, which responds to the needs of our community.

Our strategic pillars: The work that we do with young 2e people at KLU reaches into a number of areas, aiming to create a more embracing and engaging environment for them.