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Can You Help Us? Kids Like Us Volunteers

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The kids need you, we need you, can you help us?

Hi, my name’s Kylie Grau, and I’m a mum of a child who attends and loves KLU. After seeing how the kids benefit, I wanted to help support Catherine, Anne and the team who do an amazing job at KLU.

We’d love to run more social and fun programs the kids are interested in, and I’d love more parents to join me and co-ordinate some activities such as drawing/sketching, science-based activities with botanists, chemists or aeronautical experts, creative writing, crotchet, chess, book clubs, sci-fi clubs, and many more ideas.

We’ll need many hands to execute this well. Be involved as little or much as you would like, but let’s do it together. Please email me if you’re interested! We could organise a catch-up at the next Coffee and Chat morning on Friday, 7th of July, or during a weekend or evening if preferred.

Many thanks in advance,

Kylie Grau

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