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Anne Jackson: Frankston & Peninsula Transcultural Network Meeting + CHIP Forum

Kids Like Us’ Co-founder and Director of Education, Anne Jackson, will be appearing at two brilliant events tonight (Tuesday, May 2nd) and tomorrow night, (Wednesday, May 3rd). At both of these events, Anne will be promoting awareness and knowledge of twice-exceptionality, and sharing her experiences of how to support those like the young people we work with.

Tonight’s event details

What: ‘The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem’ – Narrative Therapy in the context of Giftedness and Twice Exceptional Children. Anne will be sharing her insights and experiences from her work with ‘Kids Like Us’.

When: Tuesday 2nd May, 18:00 (6pm) – 20:00 (8pm)

Where: headspace Frankston, 62 Playne Street, Frankston


Tomorrow’s event details

What: “Twice Exceptional” with Anne Jackson. This forum will address what can be done to support the child who is able or even gifted but who potentially struggles with physical differences, ASD, reading, math, ADHD, mental health issues or other differences that makes the academic system see them as merely ‘average’.

When: Wednesday 3rd May, 19:00 (7pm) – 20:20 (8:20pm)

Where: The Auditorium, Kardinia International College, Bell Post Hill

Cost: $10 Members / $5 Students / $15 Non-members (no refunds on credits)


Other information: Attendance certificates are available on request for teachers and students.

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Fence-building Friends: KLU Volunteers Strike Again!

KLU once again has cause to thank our truly wonderful volunteers – this past week a small contingent have set about constructing the fence around our new home at The Treehouse!

It’s been taking shape incredible well, and the team have been doing absolutely brilliant work! Thank you so very much, team!

Sponsorship of the fence is open for just a few more days, so if you’d like to leave your mark on KLU history, this is your last chance to sponsor either a fence post, a metre of fence or a gate!

You can see our intrepid team (as well as their valiant – ahem – supervisor, Bootes) below!



Fence post 7

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Information Evening: ADHD in School, How Do I Cope?

On Wednesday 10th May, Kids Like Us will be proud to welcome visiting clinical psychologist and long-time friend, Dr. Tim Edwards-Hart, for an information evening.

This session will examine the effect of ADHD in school, specifically how a lack of motivation, poor sleep patterns, irritability, anxiety and hyper-focus all impact upon learning, studying and attending school. Dr. Tim will especially focus on ADHD as an executive function disored which warps emotional regulation in a teenager’s brain.

Parents are encouraged to bring students who are keen to understand themselves more. Interested teachers, grandparents and friends are welcome.

Event details:

Date: Wednesday 10th May

Time: 18:30 (6:30pm) – 20:30 (8:30pm)


Price: $25 per person

Who: This event is for parents, students, teachers, grandparents and friends

Where: This event will be taking place at The Hub, at 21 Bay Road, Sandringham. Note that this is not our new Beaumaris site.

Dr. Tim Edwards-Hart, MAPS is a clinical psychologist working with adolescents and young adults (ages 13-25), especially those with ADHD and related conditions. His interest in adolescent wellbeing and youth leadership development are the product of more than 20 years of working with adolescents and young adults in both Australia and the USA.

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*KLU Moving Home Sale!*

Saturday 22nd April 8am ’til 5pm

Everything must go! …or at least, that’s how it feels!

With Kids Like Us gearing up for next term at our new site in Beaumaris, it’s time for us to say goodbye to some of our learning resources, books and other things that we just don’t have space for in our new home!

That’s why we’re opening up our haul in the main room at Bay Road to you. We’re offering a staggering range of cool and useful things at low prices, including:


teaching resources

board games


books from authors including Garth Nix, Suzanne Collins, and many many more.


All profits from sales will feed back into the Kids Like Us Bursary Fund, directly contributing to the education and support of our students.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg!

We will also have resources from our online store available to purchase, including:


Barrington Stoke Books

Phonic Books


To browse our wide selection, visit us at our ‘old’ site at 21 Bay Road, Sandringham on Saturday 22nd April.

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With Thanks Beyond Compare – The KLU Volunteer Team

This post can be boiled down to two simple words, two words that we can never say enough – no matter how much we want to!




We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the incredible Kids Like Us Volunteering team, who help us out in so many different ways. Often we see these volunteers lending a hand around the Hub or offering their services at a KLUb, but sometimes our volunteers go above and beyond!

Recently, we held two volunteering events, one to help us out personally, and the other to raise funds for the Kids Like Us Bursary Fund.

For the first of these, we held a Gardening Bee at our future home one Saturday! Volunteers here helped us to make our garden look incredible (and we look forward to everyone seeing it!), and to be as safe as possible for our students. What we hadn’t expected was the incredible ideas these volunteers came up with while they were working, or just how much they’d enjoy what they were doing! We’ll be holding more gardening bees every few months, and we look forward to getting stuck in with them again!


The next day, an elite group of intrepid volunteers rose from their slumber in the early hours of the morning and made their way to Beach Road. Their mission? To safeguard cyclists and runners in the midst of a triathlon! From six thirty to eleven thirty, these volunteers held their ground, guiding members of the public to alternate routes and keeping Beach Road clear for competitors. For each volunteer, we gained $60 for the Kids Like Us Bursary fund, helping students from low-income backgrounds to access the help and support they need.

We really can’t thank these incredible teams enough, and we are so truly grateful for their brilliant work.


Thank you!


If you’re interested in joining our team either as a volunteer or a Volunteer Coordinator, let Catherine know at!

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Kids Like Creative Writing – Inspire


Do you have a story to tell, or a poem to rhyme?

Kids Like Us is launching its next big creative writing project, and we’d love you to be a part of it! We’re looking for short stories, poems – any kind of creative writing to appear in our first creative writing compilation – ‘Inspire’!

The theme of this edition is ‘Beyond, Beneath and Behind’ – so your piece could be about someone going above and beyond, an adventure beneath the sea, a hidden world behind a picture – anything you like! You can write in whatever style or genre you want, so romance, science fiction, action, a spooky story, if you can write it – we’ll print it!

Submissions can be typed or handwritten, and can be anywhere between six and one thousand words. We will accept submissions from all students and alumni.

All submissions will be published in Inspire, which will be made available to families soon after the final submission date – April 30th. Editor’s Choice awards will receive movie passes!

To submit your piece, you can either give it to a member of our staff or email it to Alex at

Good luck!

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Sponsor a Fence – a Fundraising Appeal

Kids Like Us is looking to build a fence around our new home to ensure the maximum safety for our students, and we’d value your support in making this a reality.

Sponsorship levels are:

Fence post – 20 available: $50 each

1m of fence – 25 available: $100 each

Gate panel – 4 available: $500 each

Each part of the fence will feature a plaque naming the individual or company who sponsored it. You can sponsor by cash, card, cheque, or through Eventbrite here:

Thank you!

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Kids Like Merchandise – Bursary Badges & More!

The Kids Like Us Bursary Fund is helping to support more and more students every year, and as part of our fundraising efforts we’re dreaming bigger and bigger!

In the coming months, we’re going to be launching a number of innovative designs and products that will see 100% of all profits directed towards the Bursary Fund, helping students from less advantaged families to access the support they need. This year, we’re hoping to allocate $40,000 worth of support to these students, and we’re sure that these new developments will help us on our way to making this a reality!

We’re happy to announce the first series of these products now! With a HUGE amount of thanks to one incredibly generous KLU parent who’s donating her time and energy to creating these, Kids Like Us will soon be offering a range of badges, buttons, keyrings and magnets. We’ll be offering these through our online store and onsite, so be sure to keep an eye out! The following products will soon be available, with smaller pin fit for a business suit to follow, and even some t-shirts along the line!

Badge (small) – $2.00.

Badge (large) – $4.00. Also the same size and image as the Magnet – $4.00.

Keyring (small) – $2.00.

Keyring (large) – $4.00.

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Morning Marshalling – A Request for Volunteers

From the desk of Catherine Kirby, CEO of Kids Like Us

Dear Kids Like Us parents and friends,

The KLU Bursary Fund provides financial support to kids and families who need discounted access or financial support to get the counselling and learning support that they need to get through school. We raise funds through specific fundraising events, philanthropy, and donations. In 2017 we are expecting to receive requests for up to $40,000 of support which is a lot of money to raise. This term alone, we have been approached for $8000 through Bursary Applications.

In the old days, Anne would have just provided services free of charge – you may have been one of those families who benefitted from Anne’s generosity. But that is no longer possible with staff to pay, rent to find and bills to cover.

If we were a big private school, we would ask our alumni and parents to put their hands deep in their pockets and donate large sums of money – but all we are asking for is for you to donate a few hours on a Sunday morning.

The KLU Bursary Fund is in urgent need of a funding top up. One way we can achieve this is by providing KLU volunteers to do marshalling duties with the Sandringham Lions on events such as triathlons and marathons etc. on Beach Road.

The next street marshalling event is on SUNDAY, 19TH MARCH 2017 on Beach Road where we need around 70 marshals. The time commitment is generally from 6:30am to late morning (to  be confirmed). Volunteers work in pairs (so sign up with a friend) and is open to anyone over the age of 16.

For every KLU volunteer we raise $60 for the KLU Bursary Fund.

To sign up as a volunteer, follow this link:

Sign-ups close on Friday 3rd March.

If you are busy on Sunday 19th March and would prefer to donate then please go to our online donations link

Thank you in advance,


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Kids Like Us Upcycling – Helping Our Community and Our World

As you’ll have seen in our posts over recent months, Kids Like Us is working to take our contributions to our community and our world to the next level – and beyond!

Our latest initiative to help play our part is through upcycling, helping to ensure that old resources that are likely to be thrown away or left in a box somewhere are put to good use, helping less advantaged families to access the tools they need.

As part of this, we’re launching an appeal for any of the following items that you might be able to donate:

• A4 binder exercise books, either new or little used (pages can be removed)

• Readers

• Reading lines

• trugs

• Balance boards

• Barrington Stoke books

• Phonic readers

• Maths games

• Literacy games

• Spelling games

• Pencil grips

• Fiddle toys

All of these things will be sold on to families who can’t afford to purchase new resources, and any funds made will go into our Bursary Fund to support low income families in accessing KLU services.

If you have any of these things and are willing to donate them, please let us know at

Thank you.