Kids Like Us is an organisation built by and for the community we serve. When we first started out, we did so with the goal of supporting a few twice-exceptional students who needed academic and counselling support in an environment filled with kids like themselves.

To ensure that we’re as accessible as possible for our community, we operate as a not-for-profit on a fee-for-service model, and are always looking to develop new services and supports for our young people. We’ve established a Bursary Fund that provides funding for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them to access the services they need.

We’ve built an incredible relationship with our community over the years, and we’re blown away by the support we receive from our dedicated volunteer team who assist us in fundraising efforts and more, and by the number of our alumni who’ve come back to work for us – two even joining our Board!

Stakeholder Engagement Report 2017/18 FY
The past 12 months has seen a strong establishment in Kids Like Us’ (KLU’s) understanding and engagement methods with its broad range of stakeholder’s. This year of consolidation has been built on the back of continued growth in the organisation and a need to further manage how we are communicating across a wide range of mediums. This base line data is now being used to inform future strategies to ensure we not only continue to engage with our current stakeholders, but improve our outreach, in our goal to “tell people we exist” and keep our partners and friends up-to-date with organisational developments.

Key findings throughout the year demonstrate the potential for an increased social media presence for the organisation, particularly on platforms more readily accessed by our target audiences. We are also developing social media outreach campaigns to demonstrate to KLU Kids, Parents and Partners the journeys our alumnus have taken since leaving KLU. We hope these stories may provide a glimpse of the endless possibilities that lie ahead for our current KLU kids. I look forward to bring these stories and more over the next 12 months.

I’m excited to continue to facilitate the dissemination of stories, the brilliance of the kids we work with, and the continued improvements and expansions of KLU to an ever-increasingly broad audience.

Anthony Rendall
Kids Like Us Board Member (Stakeholder Engagement)