Learning Support

Working with twice-exceptional young people presents many opportunities and challenges for teachers and schools, just as it does for parents and families.

Because of this, we welcome the opportunity to work with a student’s class teacher or school to help them to develop strategies that will help both school and child to get the most benefit from the child’s education.

We provide ongoing support and conversation when things get rough, and are on-hand to address concerns and questions in all things twice-exceptional when you need assistance.

Should the situation require it, we can also become the conduit for communication between school and parents, assisting in the management of a child’s gifts and challenges, helping child, family and school to achieve the best possible results.

We also offer courses for teachers looking to develop their understanding of twice-exceptionality. These courses are comprehensive, and give:

       • Knowledge of the ‘look’ of a twice exceptional child

       • Familiarity with identification and the risks of misdiagnosis

       • Understanding of the potential for comorbidity with other disabilities and mental health issues

       • Understanding of the curriculum, social emotional, physical, peer and academic needs of a twice-exceptional child

       • Confidence to support, encourage, advocate for the twice-exceptional child to teachers, peers, parents and other professionals

       • Experience of the joy of successfully interacting with these amazing children

For information on where and when these courses are taking place, look at our Events page for details.

Kids Like Us works to provide academic extension with specific learning support.  Students are carefully placed with peers in small learning groups to cater for their specific needs. 80% of KLU students feel that they can learn new things here, as well as getting help with their school work, with 72% feeling that at KLU they have teachers who understand them.  We encourage and welcome links with the student’s school and teachers to provide consistency between School and Kids Like Us.


At Kids Like Us, we recognise the need in twice-exceptional young people to receive academic support in ways that suit them. To help them to achieve this, we offer a number of tutoring opportunities to help them to achieve their full potential.  All of our tutoring services are offered as individual and small group sessions at a range of times throughout the week and weekend.

These include:

       • Literacy and learning support for primary and secondary students

       • VCE English, English Language, English Literature, and History tuition

       • Numeracy support for primary and secondary students

       • VCE Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Group Maths Intensives for maths methods students units 1&2 and 3&4, Chemistry, and Physics for senior students


At Kids Like Us, we believe that students achieve the best results when they are working alongside like-minded peers.  By arranging students into a small group, connected by level of ability, students are stimulated to work, as well as being supported with the areas they struggle with.

The small group setting also promotes self confidence and risk taking in front of others, which is then repeated in the classroom.  In addition to this, enrolling your child in a small group allows us to offer greatly reduced fees.

Small groups are set at a maximum of 6 students, a number that we find allows for easy interaction between students and provides a strong environment for them to learn.

Extension Teaching
Research has shown that gifted students need a few hours of extension thinking as part of their curriculum each week. Extension does not mean more – it means wider, broader and outside the box, something that bends the mind and stretches the thinking. KLU provides extension programs underpinned with learning support to enable twice-exceptional students to think further than they thought possible but supported enough to be able to achieve success.

Homework is supported either through one-on-one tutoring support or via Study KLUb. One-on-one tutoring provides specific learning support and the introduction of strategies to assist students to successfully complete their homework, this environment often is a key factor in removing “homework stress” from the home environment. Study KLUb prepares students for study groups which will be experienced in senior and tertiary years of education. It takes place in a peer-supported environment after school where students are responsible for creating a study environment, peer support, research skills and take on responsible for organisational roles.

ILSP Support
All students at KLU have Individual Learning Support Plans. Using these plans as a base line, KLU provides support to teachers and parents developing their annual individual support learning plan. This may be that KLU reviews a student’s existing school ILSP, or that we offer help in creating it from the beginning. We are able to provide professional development to schools on this topic.

Kids Like Us also offers a resource to support the preparation of an ILSP folder that you can download from our store here

This document contains:

  • An overview of an ILSP
  • A step-by-step guide on how to build your ILSP folder
  • A detailed outline of how to maintain your ILSP folder across the years
  • A check list of the essential files to include in your ILSP folder
  • A easy method to keep track of the relevant contacts you’ll need to keep in touch with
  • Templates for progress monitoring and contact records

Classroom Teacher Support
Following an in-school advocacy meeting KLU offers ongoing support to a classroom teacher either through in school Professional Development or via email. This support often is all that is needed to turn the classroom environment around from one of discomfort to an environment of learning for a student.

Tombolo Academy for Twice-Exceptional Students
Tombolo Academy is Australia’s first school for twice-exceptional young people in years 7 – 10 and has just been given permission by the VRQA to open in term 1, 2021.  For more information please visit