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The Kids Like Us Bursary Fund is essential to financially support disadvantaged students to enable them to participate in Kids Like Us programs. 

There is increased pressure on our families due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the closure of schools and introduction of remote learning in 2020 has had ongoing impacts on many children. This has significantly affected the education and learning of 2e kids, including their mental health and well-being.

Our financial assistant grants enable the most vulnerable and disadvantaged students to access the services they need, which are not provided through other educational or mental health support services. 

“KLU is providing the psychological support our child currently needs, which will open the door for possible future assessment for our child who has ADD/ASD and depression. We are going through financial hardship due to the lack of availability I can work, the current reduction in my work hours, due to COVID-19, and the high cost of support our children require. As we receive no further financial support, it is challenging to meet the growing cost of therapy, paediatrician fees, tutoring and group sessions on a low income.”

...reach more students

We need to develop and expand our online programs to students and families across Australia. To achieve this, we need to invest in technology, equipment, and staff to have consistent and effective program delivery. 

“Our family lives in Darwin, so we have not been nearby to attend KLU regularly. But the capacity to be transformative with a relatively small degree of contact only highlights the huge need for an organisation like KLU. We could unfortunately not get this help and understanding anywhere else.”

...fund new programs

We have some innovative program development going on to develop an understanding of neurodiversity, social access and social inclusion, which we will be happy to discuss with you.

...find a new home

Kids Like Us has been providing programs and services to over 750 students from a leased property, which is now at capacity during peak times, preventing us from taking on new students.

Ideally, we need someone to donate a building or space to fit out for Kids Like Us services or be provided with the opportunity to pay nominal rent over a long-term lease.

Tax deductible giving

Kids Like Us is a DGR1 organisation which means that your donation will provide you with a tax deduction.

Kids Like Us actively raises funds from the community and generous philanthropic gifts to support families and develop programs.

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How to apply for financial support via the Kids Like Us Bursary Fund

The Bursary Fund provides one-off financial assistance for Kids Like Us students. A new application form must be completed for each school term.

Bursary support is applied for each term, and is open to clients whose families are experiencing financial hardship and for whom there would be an impact on their welfare and academic learning if they were not able to attend Kids Like Us.


Bursary fund eligibility criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Full payment of initial new client appointment and following 5 one-to-one appointments.
  • Financial hardship
  • Client welfare
  • Client academic risk
  • Need
  • Fund availability

To apply for financial assistance please download the form from the footer below or contact our accounts department: accounts@kidslikeus.org.au

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