Kids Like Us activities (KLUbs) are held at our rooms at 125 Charman Road, Beaumaris, and are funded through grant programs and donations such as the Bayside Community Grant Scheme and National Youth Week.

Courses are kept purposely small in order to maximise the benefits to participants and the majority of courses will be run by two experienced facilitators. Our aim is to facilitate quality peer-to-peer support in a safe and appropriate environment.

Kids Like Bricks Lego KLUb

Kids Like Bricks is a brilliant initiative launched by one of our very own young entrepreneurs, aged 12.

Kids Like Bricks is a club where students can stretch their creativity and learn about interesting Lego techniques’. It’s not simply a  “free play” club, instead attendees are challenged to build different things.

The constructions built in Kids Like Bricks help kids to think in new and imaginative ways, working out how to transfer what they know from building a bridge to building a flying machine, a car, and more!

Club details:

       • Age: Students aged 8-12

       • Cost: $25 per session, paid termly

       • Dates: Sundays

              • Term 1, 2017 Dates: February 12th,  February 26th  and March 26th
              • Term 2, 2017 Dates: April 30th,  May 14th,  May 28th,  June 25th
              • Term 3, 2017 Dates: July 23rd,  August 6th,  August 20th,  September 3rd
              • Term 4, 2017 Dates: October 22nd,  November 19th,  December 3rd

       • Time: 1pm-4pm

If you sign up for Kids Like Bricks you must commit to coming for the whole term – no refunds.

       • Bookings: Kids Like Bricks will return next term with new materials and a new site – watch this space! If you’re interested in finding out more about Kids Like Bricks, please contact us at luk@kidslikeus.org.au.

Kids Like Bricks is made possible through funding from:

       • Tobin Brothers Foundation

       • RACV

Kids Like Coding KLUb

Run by our Tech Tutor John and his team, Coding KLUb gives children the opportunity to use the class-set of the latest Raspberry Pi 2 educational computers to learn to code in Scratch; a computer language designed at MIT for children.

The course loosely follows the resource packs provided by “codeclubworld.org” which over a one-year period begins with Scratch, then advances to web/HTML, and then Python.

The club has a high teacher-to-student ratio, so the pace and learning style can be personalised to suit each child’s needs.

Using resources including Minecraft, Coding KLUb is a great way for kids to gain valuable tech skills, while also making connections with other children in the club through in-game and online chat!

Through Coding KLUb, kids can learn to:

       • write a game in Scratch

       • learn to code in Python (and manipulate Minecraft)

       • set up a RaspberryPi as a web-server

       • develop web pages using HTML and CSS

       • (advanced) create a web page which can interact and control Minecraft Pi

       • (super-advanced) if there is enough interest, we will teach server-side JavaScript using node.js

Club details:

       • Age: Students of all ages, currently between 6 – 13. Limited to 10 places each day

       • Cost: $25 for the session, paid termly

       • Dates: Sundays

              Term 1, 2017 Dates: February 5th,  February 19th,  March 5th,  March 19th.

              Term 2, 2017 Dates: April 23rd,  May 7th,  May 21st, June 4th,  June 18th.

              Term 3, 2017 Dates: July 30th,  August 13th,  August 27th,   September 10th

              Term 4, 2017 Dates: October 15th,  October 29th,  November 12th,  November 26th,  December 10th

       • Times: Group 1, 12:30 – 14:30

               • Group 2, 15:00 – 17:00

If you sign up for Kids Like Coding KLUb you must commit to coming for the whole term – no refunds.

Coding KLUb is made possible through funding from:

       • Bayside Council Community Grants

To book your place in Session 1 (12:30 group), please follow this link:


To book your place in Session 2 (15:00 group), please follow this link:


Kids Like Checks Chess KLUb

Do you think you could be the next great Grandmaster?

At Kids Like Checks, you’ll can develop your chess skills, and even make your first moves as a beginner!

With instruction provided from our chess tutor and mentors, you’ll be able to challenge other players, and there will even be opportunities for competitions and entering the KLU Chess League.


Club details:

       • Age: Students of all ages

       • Cost: FREE

       • Dates: Fridays during term time

       • Times: 16:00 – 17:30

       • Bookings: To book, please contact luk@kidslikeus.org.au

VCE Maths Methods Intensive 1&2 and 3&4

In KLU’s VCE Maths Methods Intensive 1&2 and 3&4 group, Alan provides Maths tuition to senior students.

Working in a small group of enthusiastic VCE Maths students, this is a great opportunity for students to develop their Maths skills in a comfortable environment that provides support, advice and insight.

The small group dynamic means that students can receive more direct attention, with more focus on their skills and work than the traditional classroom environment can provide.

Moving towards the VCE Maths exams, receiving further support can help to overcome worries and confusion. It’s also a useful chance to increase Maths skills, and to lay the foundations for the more complicated areas of Maths further down the line.

Club details:

       • Age: VCE students

       • Cost: $20 for the session, paid termly

       • Dates: Alternate Saturdays

       • Times: 08:30-10:30

Should demand increase, additional sessions will be added on Sundays.

       • Bookings: To book, please contact luk@kidslikeus.org.au

Study KLUb

Our Study KLUbs run weekly throughout term time and provide an environment where students are able to meet and help each other with homework and study. It also provides an opportunity to learn about different technologies and resources that may help them to work more effectively and efficiently.

Every session opens with a group activity or discussion. Previous groups have covered topics such as methods to improve organisation, time management, study techniques or strategies that people with dyslexia use to get ahead in school and work environments. Students then work on their own projects, homework or study.

Each Study KLUb is organised under adult leadership and supervision; but it is the students themselves who mentor, support and encourage one another. Together, they create a supportive, nurturing environment where all individuals feel valued for the different strengths they bring to the group.

Club details:

       • Who: Kids Like Us students and students known to Dr. Cheryl Dobbs

       • Age: Year 7 and 8 students

       • Dates: Tuesdays during term time

       • Times: 16:00 – 17:30

       • Fee: $350 paid termly through Eventbrite. (There are no refunds or credits once you have enrolled in this program.) Financial assistance is available through the Kids Like Us Bursary Fund – https://kidslikeus.org.au/bursary-fund/#apply.

       • Bookings: If you are interested in joining this group, contact cheryld@kidslikeus.org.au.

Kids Like Us Writing Creatively Group

What do Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen and Gandalf the Grey have in common?

They were all created using imagination and creative writing!

Young people can often believe that writing is only important for school, when there’s so much more that writing has to offer.

Writing helps you to…

       • express yourself,

       • broaden your mind,

       • expand your imagination, and

       • manage school work, as well as many, many more!

In this group, you can learn about…

       • dream journals and idea journals,

       • free writing time,

       • writing exercises,

       • story sharing, and

       • book club

Club details:

       • Age: Year 5 to 8 students

       • Cost: $20 for the session, paid termly

       • Dates: TBA

       • Times: 16:00 – 17:30

       • Bookings: The Writing Creatively Group is currently on a break, but will be back soon! If you’d like to be kept in the know with the group’s updates, please contact luk@kidslikeus.org.au