KLU Kids

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Kids are the heart and soul of Kids Like Us!

We are an organisation that is built by and for twice-exceptional (2e) children, providing all the help and support we can. We’re also always looking into new ways that we can do this – so watch this space to see what we can find and learn!

Twice-exceptional young people are fantastic, and we believe this with absolute certainty. These children are dreamers, risk takers, entrepreneurs and social changers. Without these people, society would be a very boring place to live!

Due to their different thinking and learning styles, 2e young people can find themselves marginalised and treated as slow and uncooperative. Nothing could be further from the truth. With adjustments to suit their needs, 2e children can be the brightest sparks you can find, with high quality work and fascinating insights.

Talking to the children at Kids Like Us, they feel safe, respected and important, as well as being certain that they feel listened to. This is something they often lack, and something we make sure to offer them.

When asked about what they like about coming to Kids Like Us the children will give you a range of answers – everything from getting help with how they learn to spending time with Bootes and Elsa, our therapy dogs! One of the most frequent and most important comments that we hear is that they enjoy coming to us to meet with other ‘kids like us’, having an opportunity to see that they’re not alone.

During a survey of people using KLU services, 100% of all parents and carers surveyed found that through working with Kids Like Us, they had noticed an improvement in their child’s wellbeing, as well as how much more effective their child was at dealing with their challenges.

These parents and carers were all positive about Kids Like Us’ care and attention, and felt confident in referring friends or relatives, and about returning if they needed help again.

As an exercise, we asked the children at Kids Like Us to complete a sentence for us to tell us a little about what made Kids Like Us important to them. What we got back was a wave of positive feedback, and you can see some of this below.

These testimonials come directly from ‘kids like us’, and are in their own undoctored words.

‘The really big thing I like about Kids Like Us is:

       • its a growing community that treats its staff students and cliants they way they need and want’;

       • everyone is there to support you and help you to the best of their ability’;

       • the teachers’;

       • Bootes, Elsa and friends’;

       • Everything!’