What: A play about dyslexia and the people who live with it. Following two eighteen-year olds, the struggling Alan and the studious Fizz, Lottery weaves a story of dyslexia and its effects on school life and relationships. Over the course of 35 minutes, the play talks about overcoming challenges, developing resilience and the benefits of dyslexia supports.

Who: Written by Lowri Potts. Performed and directed by Jake Kirby and Maggie Chapman.

Why: One in ten of us are dyslexic in some way. Dyslexia is a frequent cause of reading and writing difficulty, yet it didn’t stop Walt Disney, Jackie Stewart, Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, John Lennon or Jamie Oliver from achieving incredible things. However, many young people with dyslexia are still failing because they are not receiving the right support. Through performances of this play, we raise awareness and funds to support young people with dyslexia.

Where: An online film (below) is available for your convenience, or a live performance can be organised for schools and community spaces. This production is aimed at Year 9+ students, tertiary students, teachers and parents – particularly those who want to understand what it’s like to live with dyslexia.

Lottery promo video – ~6 minutes

Eighteen-year old Alan is at the public library, hurriedly searching for something… A lottery ticket! Alan needs to find his Grandpa’s lucky ticket before the draw the same night. There’s just one problem – Alan is dyslexic, and searching the library is like trying to find a needle in a field of haystacks. His ex-girlfriend Fizz is studying nearby for upcoming exams, working extra hard as she too has dyslexia. Alan used to distract her in school and now threatens to do so again… They reconnect and reminisce in a race against closing time. Will they find each other, and the ticket?

The film (below) and performances are free. Donations to the KLU Bursary Fund are gratefully appreciated. For more information or booking to host this production in your school or community, contact Alex at

For more information about Kids Like Us and dyslexia, please feel free to peruse the rest of our site.

This production is sponsored by the Lions Club of Sandringham and the Australian Lions Foundation.

This is a recorded version of the production – please feel free to watch this to see if you would be interested in arranging a performance

Please make a donation to the Kids Like Us Bursary Fund which provides support for twice-exceptional young people.