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Morning Marshalling – A Request for Volunteers

From the desk of Catherine Kirby, CEO of Kids Like Us

Dear Kids Like Us parents and friends,

The KLU Bursary Fund provides financial support to kids and families who need discounted access or financial support to get the counselling and learning support that they need to get through school. We raise funds through specific fundraising events, philanthropy, and donations. In 2017 we are expecting to receive requests for up to $40,000 of support which is a lot of money to raise. This term alone, we have been approached for $8000 through Bursary Applications.

In the old days, Anne would have just provided services free of charge – you may have been one of those families who benefitted from Anne’s generosity. But that is no longer possible with staff to pay, rent to find and bills to cover.

If we were a big private school, we would ask our alumni and parents to put their hands deep in their pockets and donate large sums of money – but all we are asking for is for you to donate a few hours on a Sunday morning.

The KLU Bursary Fund is in urgent need of a funding top up. One way we can achieve this is by providing KLU volunteers to do marshalling duties with the Sandringham Lions on events such as triathlons and marathons etc. on Beach Road.

The next street marshalling event is on SUNDAY, 19TH MARCH 2017 on Beach Road where we need around 70 marshals. The time commitment is generally from 6:30am to late morning (to  be confirmed). Volunteers work in pairs (so sign up with a friend) and is open to anyone over the age of 16.

For every KLU volunteer we raise $60 for the KLU Bursary Fund.

To sign up as a volunteer, follow this link:

Sign-ups close on Friday 3rd March.

If you are busy on Sunday 19th March and would prefer to donate then please go to our online donations link

Thank you in advance,