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Upcoming Events, Information Evenings & Professional Development

November 29th – Coffee, VCE Accommodations, Provisions and Support Information Session *INFORMATION EVENING* Kids Like Us has a wide range of information evenings, professional developments, and social occasions lined up already for 2018, so be sure to watch this space for new announcements!  

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An evening with Judy Hornigold

KLU were fortunate to host a relaxed evening last night with Judy Hornigold as our guest of honour. She had just completed a two-day professional development for SPELD Victoria, so it was great to be able to chat and just relax. Here are a few photos. -Ann Williams, Convener of

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An Interview with… Ann Williams

Continuing our last interview’s trend of interviewing longtime friends of KLU (a great opportunity for us to catch up with Raise the Bar Psychology’s incredible Dr. Kate Jacobs), we got in touch with an invaluable ally, and wonderful person, in the form of Ann Williams. Ann is… Indescribable. The work she’s done over

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An Interview with… Dr. Kate Jacobs

At Kids Like Us we deeply value our community – the staff that work for us, our volunteers, our KLU family, and also the friends we’ve made across the years. No matter where these friends come from – government, Lions and Rotary Clubs or other organisations, we’re truly grateful for the

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Coming Up at Kids Like Us

Kids Like Us has a number of events coming up in the coming weeks and months, and we thought we’d take a moment to put them all together in one nice easy-to-read list! We have a few more events on the boil at the moment, so watch this space for

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Can You Help Us? Kids Like Us Volunteers

  The kids need you, we need you, can you help us? Hi, my name’s Kylie Grau, and I’m a mum of a child who attends and loves KLU. After seeing how the kids benefit, I wanted to help support Catherine, Anne and the team who do an amazing job

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An Interview with… Alex Ashcroft

We’re working on a number of interviews with a range of interesting people at the moment, but while we wait to hear back from them, we thought you might like a look into the man behind the questions, me, Alex (not Alexa!) Ashcroft. For insight into the guy you’ll most

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The Importance of Asking for Help

A member of our KLU staff and one of our students recently teamed up to put this piece together, and we absolutely love it! We’ve had laminated versions of this spread around our sites and keep hearing comments from visitors about how much they appreciate the message, so thought it

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An Interview with… Naomi Castelan

As you might remember, some time ago Kids Like Us put out a call for tutors, youth workers and psychologists. One person to answer the call was Naomi Castelan, and we’re incredibly glad that she did! Naomi is a brilliant and truly valued addition to our team, and it’s been great

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