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With Thanks Beyond Compare – The KLU Volunteer Team

This post can be boiled down to two simple words, two words that we can never say enough – no matter how much we want to!




We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the incredible Kids Like Us Volunteering team, who help us out in so many different ways. Often we see these volunteers lending a hand around the Hub or offering their services at a KLUb, but sometimes our volunteers go above and beyond!

Recently, we held two volunteering events, one to help us out personally, and the other to raise funds for the Kids Like Us Bursary Fund.

For the first of these, we held a Gardening Bee at our future home one Saturday! Volunteers here helped us to make our garden look incredible (and we look forward to everyone seeing it!), and to be as safe as possible for our students. What we hadn’t expected was the incredible ideas these volunteers came up with while they were working, or just how much they’d enjoy what they were doing! We’ll be holding more gardening bees every few months, and we look forward to getting stuck in with them again!


The next day, an elite group of intrepid volunteers rose from their slumber in the early hours of the morning and made their way to Beach Road. Their mission? To safeguard cyclists and runners in the midst of a triathlon! From six thirty to eleven thirty, these volunteers held their ground, guiding members of the public to alternate routes and keeping Beach Road clear for competitors. For each volunteer, we gained $60 for the Kids Like Us Bursary fund, helping students from low-income backgrounds to access the help and support they need.

We really can’t thank these incredible teams enough, and we are so truly grateful for their brilliant work.


Thank you!


If you’re interested in joining our team either as a volunteer or a Volunteer Coordinator, let Catherine know at!