Kids Like Us is a family-focussed organisation, as working with twice-exceptional (2e) young people may involve putting additional supports at home.

We work closely with parents and carers to help with the progress of their child, creating a strong relationship based on trust. Resources are available at our base in Beaumaris to help parents and carers to learn more about their child’s gifts and challenges, as well as what they can do to develop their skills and advocate on their behalf.

We also offer support to parents and carers through our parent support and parent counselling services. These look to ensure that you are in the most comfortable place possible for you and your child. We offer everything from guidance on how to help 2e children to achieve their potential to an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. You can find more information about what we can do to help parents and carers on our Services page.

The parents of children at Kids Like Us are uniformly positive about what we do for them and their children, confident in our competence and knowledge, as well as our quality of care and service.

Some things that parents and carers have said about us:

       • ‘You guys are doing a great job, we love you’

       • ‘We are extremely happy’

       • ‘Keep up the great work’

       • ‘Thank you so much for everything. *name* LOVES the school and staff.’

       • ‘I think you do an amazing job’

       • ‘Insight into 2e has changed our lives. I am full of admiration for those who ‘get’ all three presentations of the condition, especially recognising when both extremes are masked.’

       • ‘I think you are all awesome. I thank you so much for your support. I will trust you in what you think *name* needs and look forward to what you suggest.’

Kids Like Us runs an ever-expanding range of information evenings tailored towards parents and carers of 2e kids - to see what's coming up, visit