Rescue Series (CLAIR BAKER)

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Heroine Erin and her best friend Danny embark on an epic adventure to save baby brother Jack.

Starting with the sound ‘ae’, each of the ten books introduces a phoneme and its alternative spellings.

The series shares the same phonic progression as the Talisman 1 Series and can be used in parallel.

Book 1: ‘ae’: ay, ai, a, a-e, ea, ey

Book 2: ‘ee’: ee, ea, y, e, ie, e-e, ei

Book 3: ‘oe’: ow, oa, oe, o-e, o

Book 4: ‘er’: er, ir, ur, or, ear

Book 5: ‘ow”oi’: ow, ou & oi, oy

Book 6: ‘oo’: oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u

Book 7: ‘ie’: igh, ie, i-e, i,  y

Book 8: ‘or’: or, ore, a, aw, awe, au, ar, al, ough

Book 9: ‘air’: air, are, ear, ere, eir

Book 10: ‘ar’: ar, a, al, au, ear


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