Teaching is one of the most valuable professions there is, helping to shape the youth of today into productive adults of tomorrow.

Because of this, it’s important for teachers to know the ins and outs of their classes to help them to make the best possible progress – should Billy be sat next to Jessica? How can I stop Madison procrastinating? How can I best accommodate Daniel’s dyslexia?

Twice-exceptional (2e) students present many opportunities and challenges for teaching staff, as the way they learn isn’t always the same as other students, or the way the system is designed to be taught.

We work with teachers to help them to support twice-exceptional students in ways that will enhance their learning, and give them opportunities to flourish. Sometimes this is through targeted professional development, and other times it’s through coming into school to have a chat on behalf of a child. At all times we’re open to discussion with staff, and will always keep 2e young people’s needs, challenges and potential in mind.

We frequently receive positive feedback from the teaching staff we work with, who compliment our knowledge and ability to pass on guidance about 2e students. This information is often very new to these teachers, and we’ve become experienced in presenting it in clear and concise ways that they can then implement while working with their classes.

Following recent seminars, we’ve had grateful teachers contacting us to say how confident they now feel about working with dyslexia, as well as describing its nuances to others.

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