Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions

Counselling fee update January 2017:

Counselling appointments will be charged at $100 per hour from January 1st 2017.

Class and group booking payments:

Class and group bookings will be invoiced for the first four (4) weeks of a term prior to the beginning of the term. This invoice must be paid in full by the close of business on the Invoiced date. The remaining invoice for the term will be issued in the first week of that term and must be paid within four (4) weeks of the date of the invoice. If either of these payment due dates are not met, (i.e.: the invoice is not paid on time) the student’s place in the KLU program will be forfeited.

Cancellations and missed classes/groups:

Cancellation: If your child is unable to attend a class or group for any reason, KLU appreciates 24 hours’ notice.

Cancellations and Missed Class: Paid fees will not be refunded for cancellations and missed classes or groups. KLU’s policy will be to issue a “roll over credit voucher” for the following term if a class or group is missed due to illness of either a child or a KLU staff member. Please note that the voucher is only valid for the following term, if it is not used, it will automatically expire.

Special and/or extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and assessed on an individual basis as required.

Withdrawal from groups and classes:

If circumstances arise where a group or class is no longer of benefit to your child, paid fees may be transferred towards payment of one to one (1:1) appointments as follows:

One to One (1:1) appointments:

These appointments will be invoiced in arrears on a monthly basis with a payment due date of seven days.

Cancellations of one to one (1:1) appointments must be made with 24 hours’ notice per the KLU current cancellation policy, so as to ensure you do not incur a ‘no show’ fee.  Cancellations must be emailed to LUK@kidslikeus.org.au

KLU peer and social groups:

KLU peer and social group (i.e. Code club, Minecraft, and Lego) fees must be paid at time of booking.

Note, KLU will not be issuing refunds or roll over credit vouchers for these groups.

KLU Bursary Fund:

KLU bursary funds provide financial support to students accessing KLU services where payment is difficult and/or may cause financial hardship. Applications for bursary fund supplements are assessed by an external board, based upon a request by the family and endorsed by the current directors of KLU, Catherine Kirby and Anne Jackson.

An application is reviewed on an individual basis and assessed each school term. Applications for bursary fund supplements are to be submitted by email request to KLU Administration at LUK@kidslikeus.org.au and must be submitted within the first week of the school term.

KLU appreciates your continuing support, and will continue to adopt best practices to ensure that the enterprise is viable and sustainable so as to manage its long term future.