Tombolo Academy for Twice-Exceptional Students

Trailblazing in Australia

As part of Kids Like Us’ ongoing commitment to twice-exceptional support and education, we’re working to open Tombolo Academy in 2021 – the first school in Australia designed specifically for 2e students.

Tombolo Academy will enable all students to thrive socially, emotionally and academically through providing fully personalised learning that is designed and created by the students themselves.

The school’s approach is unique, based on current best-practice research, lessons learned from world-leading schools in Australia and overseas, and expert experience gained from years of working with 2e young people in Australia.

The school will provide a curriculum which is ‘strength based’ and differentiated according to each individual student’s abilities. The weaknesses that can cause the student to not fit into the average classroom will be accommodated and negated as much as possible. This will occur through the intentional use of technology, hands on learning, movement, negotiated individual learning plans, individual assignments which significantly reduce rote learning, specific focused case management and other appropriate interventions.

For a full overview on the nature of the school, its students and the work it will be doing with them, visit the Tombolo website at